Main Claim

Garry's Mod Addons

I made a lot of addons for Garry's Mod on Steam.

Some of these good, some of these bad.

I also made some exclusive ones on occasion.

Good Code

STAssistant Discord Bot

A basic Discord bot written on discord.js.

Not ready for release, but test it here.

Burnout 3 Loading Screen

A loading screen for Garry's Mod servers.

Preview it here and learn how here.

String Cleanser

Replace near-English characters with their English equivalents.

A good choice for usernames. Gist here.

Xbox Gamertag Generator

Generate a single gamertag based on Microsoft's generator.

Very simple and very old, use it here.

Old Code


Minecraft Spigot plugin that lets you move between a plain survival world.

I don't like it, but it's on my GitHub.


Minecraft Spigot plugin that lets you cancel downfall by cursing it in chat.

This uses a deprecated function and is also on my GitHub.

Web Stuff

This Website

I made this website from scratch.

FlexBox is cheating.

BR Wiki

Weapon stat page for the game

Not really a wiki and no longer official.

Hunt Data

Weapon stat pages for the game Hunt: Showdown.

I spent a lot of time doing this.

JS Toybox

A small collection of small scripts for my own use.

Didn't put a lot of effort into making them look super good.



In addition to those projects, I have experience with several languages.

Roughly in order of familiarity:

C++, JavaScript (NodeJS), Lua (GLua), HTML/CSS, Java, Python, SQL