I don't do much other than Lua,

but if I do anything else, it'll be here.

GLua | JavaScript | C++ | Java | Python | Visual Basic

Things I'm Proud Of

Mainly things I made recently.

Swept's XBox Gamertag Generator

A simple thing where you hit a button and get a username based on the words from Microsoft's gamertag database.

(JavaScript, HTML, CSS)

STAssistant Discord Bot🡕

A basic, unrefined Discord bot. I'm not ready to release it, but join to see what it can do.


String Cleanser🡕

A JavaScript function to replace non-typeable characters in strings with typeable versions.


Burnout 3 Loading Screen

A GMod loading screen that recreates the loading screen from Burnout 3: Takedown. (?)


Thing's I'm Not Too Proud Of

Maybe they're old, maybe I found bugs after I was done.

Minecraft LJS Plugin🗎

A Minecraft Spigot plugin to go between the rest of the server and a blank survival world. My first Java thing.


Minecraft WeatherPerish🗎

A Minecraft Spigot plugin to stop rain by saying one of the following: no, die, perish. Uses deprecated function.