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May29-2021 - Server Reopened

Posted: Wed Jun 02, 2021 4:27 am
by SweptThrone
SweptTTT has been reopened under the name SweptTTT. No numbers, just plain ol' SweptTTT, but some things are a little bit different.

Weapon Balancing
All custom weapons have been somewhat balanced. Most weapons now fire slower and deal less damage to put them more inline with the vanilla weapons.

The AWM Sniper traitor weapon is now a lot worse at being a cheap five kill weapon. The new AWM Sniper now only does 150 damage instead of 500, meaning if you hit an armored target or a target in the arm or leg, they won't die. Each shot from this gun also now leaves a smoke trail, so it's much more risky to use. I will be monitoring and improving all traitor weapons balance-wise for a while and making changes where I see fit.

Gameplay Balancing
A big problem in SweptTTT2 was the very common occurrence of a seven-player game, which would previously result in a 1v6 situation as soon as the round started, which didn't seem really fair. With this iteration of the server, 30% of players are now traitors, as opposed to the default 25%. This doesn't make a huge difference for all other player counts, as there's only at most one more traitor.

Expanded Crosshair Customization
You can now customize your crosshair even more than before with a whole bunch of options, leading to a grand total of 262,144 combinations.
These options are:
  • Eight directions for outer crosshair
  • Eight directions for inner crosshair
  • Crosshair circle
  • Crosshair dot
I am by no means saying that every crosshair is going to be good or useful, but you can make some fun stuff.

Better Custom Music System
The old CMS was bad in the way it communicated if a preparation phase was long or not, so I just got rid of that altogether.
Making a CMS pack is the same as it was in SweptTTT2 except there is no round_warmup_long and round_warmup_short, only a round_warmup, which is 30 seconds.

New Map
I added ttt_glacier to the map rotation.

The headshot inflicted sound is now different from the headshot received. This will help with clarity during gunfights.

The MOTD has been updated to include information about the CMS and PAS, as well as the full map list.

Remade Backend
The Point Accumulation System from SweptTTT2 returns, but now it works better and is also update-proof. This doesn't mean anything for you except that you will no longer see points gained or lost in chat. Instead, just read the post-round report.