Mar15-2020 - Technical Update

Updates to things on AnkoRP.
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Mar15-2020 - Technical Update

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Split this into a different thread because the Weapon Update is so massive.

You now get a bonus multiplier if you're on a killstreak. 1.2x if you're on a 2-kill streak, 1.3x if you're on a 3-kill streak, etc.
Monsters are set to 150 HP when they get a kill.
Monsters can no longer use any guns from their inventory.
Elites can no longer use any weapons from their inventory.
Added the Chell job, which is the exact same as a Civilian, but you don't take fall damage.
Made shooting someone while you're in babygod deal 50% damage?

Added a custom HUD.

Bottom left has your HP, AP, name, job, team, money, and salary.
Background color is your player color.
The money area lights up red or green and fades out when you lose or gain money.
Money text has lerp so it changes smoothly.
There's a fire icon over the box that lights up in color when you've killed an enemy within the last four seconds, indicating you can get a multikill.
Stars add up to the right of the flame if you're on a killstreak.

Bottom right has your current magazine and reserve ammo.
Background color is your weapon color.

Top has the time left and score as usual, but redesigned.
~SweptThrone •.-
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